Murari Bapu Visits Shiv Shanti Ashram,Lucknow

Report: “Murari Bapu Showers his deepest Blessings” during his visit to Shiv Shanti Sant Asudaram Ashram, Lucknow.

His Holiness Sant Sain Chandru Ram Saheb has profound respect for the true and pure saints, seers and ascetics, Sufis, faqirs and darveshas across the length and breadth of Sindh and India. An embodiment of humility and congeniality, His Holiness himself endeavours to seek the darshans of such highly evolved intellectuals and spiritual masters, saints and gurus, enters into saintly, noble discussions, confers with them and willingly accepts and imbibes the valuable knowledge imparted by such saints. His Holiness’ strong will,resoluteness and fearlessness are exemplary.


Ever smiling, ever humble, plain-hearted and earnest, his holiness’ genial personality is worth emulating. Believer of the dictum that “guru anek par sadguru ek” i.e. there are enumerable teachers but only one mentor or guru, His Holiness, magnanimously proclaims that one must imbibe and acquire the wealth of knowledge and good virtues from wherever one finds them regardless of the worthiness of the source for virtues and knowledge are priceless and welcome in any form.


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